Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Cs610 Assignment no 1 Spring 2012 Idea Solution

Q.1. As you know that Tracer route is a network utility program to check the status of specific system on
network, you are required to find the route of Yahoo! Singapore by using tracer route command explain all output
provided by trace route command. [10 Marks]
Q.2. You have been asked to wire a conference room with seven computers for a demonstration after a day. It
needs to be done quickly and with lowest possible expenses. What network topology is best suited to this
situation and why? Justify your answer with solid reasons? [5 Marks]
Follow these steps and instructions for question 1.
First make sure that your system is connected to the internet.
Open a Windows start menu then click Run. Start > Run. Type cmd and click OK. If you have window 7 or
vista, just go to search option in start menu and enter cmd. The command prompt will be opened. See snapshot
1.After that you can apply trace rout command.
Snapshot 1 on Next Page for Opening the CM