Tuesday, 25 October 2011

CS403 Assignment no 1 fall 2011 Idea Solution

Assignment No. 01
Semester Fall 2011
Database Management Systems-CS403

Q # 1: Draw a Context Level DFD for “Online Banking System” of ABC Bank. (10 marks)
Scenario is given below:

Account Holder and IT Manager interact with the system:

• Account Holder perform following activities:
a. He can check his balance.
b. He can order a “Cheque Book”.
c. He can transfer funds from one account to another account.
d. He can pay utility bills.

• IT Manager manages the “Online Banking System”.

Q # 2: Analyze and Draw a “Cross Reference Matrix” to identify/show different reports and attributes, which are usually required by the higher management of ABC Bank (Any Bank). (10 marks)

Note: There should be 3 reports and 7 attributes in the matrix.
Solution will be upload soon